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Moy Yee San Jong Celebrates Its Anniversary of New Premises Seven Disciples Inducted in Bai-Si Ceremony

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(Singtao Newspaper, New York – by Yu Fung)  Master Moy Yee, who had taught Ving Tsun and martial arts of various schools for decades, host a gathering to celebrate the anniversary of the expansion of his school premises yesterday on the 27th at 1:00 p.m. at Moy Yee San Jong located in Brooklyn, NY.  Witnessed by leaders of the Chinese community and others guests who came to express their congratulations, seven disciples participated in a solemn Bai Si ceremony.  Among the seven disciples, there was Reggie Robinson, a sergeant of New York City Police Department, admirers of Chinese martial arts, and those who with previous knowledge of other martial art schools, to further their knowledge in Ving Tsun.  Amongst the hundred guests attending the celebrated, they included Lok San Moy, the President of the National Mui’s Family Association, Peter Moy, the Senior Elder of the New York Mui’s Family Association, and the famous Chinese painting artist, Sing Foon Ma.

Master Moy Yee, an amicable personality, is well versed in various schools of martial arts.  He teaches skills as well as virtues of tradition martial art to his students.  He treates his disciples as his family, who are from different ethnic backgrounds and all walks of life, including school students and professions.  As a renown institute, Master Moy has disciples everywhere.

Moy Yee San Jong emphasizes respect of teachers and the tradition of a cordial relationship between master and the disciples.  Inside the school, everyone is like one big family, which is well most respected. In the Bai-Si ceremony, the disciples kneel-ed down to offer tea to the Master and exchange gifts, a simple yet solemn ritual.

A professor of Columbia University had bronchial infection and was cured after he studied Tai-Chi from Master Moy.  Subsequently, he appointed Master Moy as the Tai-Chi teacher of Columbia University School of Oriental Studies, and it has been eight years since.

In the celebration, students of the school exhibited their skills in various martial arts schools of teachings and weaponry and won applause of the guests.

*Captions: Center:  Master Moy Yee, guests and his disciple.  Upper Right:  Sergeant Reggie Robinson was presented with a sword in the induction ceremony.