Moy Yee San Jong was founded in 1996 by Sifu Henry Moy Yee as a place for students to attain high-level knowledge of martial arts. The name “San Jong” translates to “Mountain Estate,” and references the historical practice of training kung fu in solitude to achieve great physical, intellectual, and spiritual knowledge. In ancient China, a great swordsman would choose a remote, mountainous location where he would train this high level of martial arts, and then pass down the knowledge to students. Sifu has modeled Moy Yee San Jong after this image, as a sacred place where students who seek the highest level in martial arts come to train diligently.

Moy Yee San Jong started as a small school for weekend students and disciples, at Sifu’s residence in Bayside, Queens. Six years later, as students had increased and space was limited, the school moved to its current location in the Clinton Hill / Fort Greene area of Brooklyn. With over 2000 square feet of training space, it has provided adequate room for the school to grow and flourish. Full-length mirrors allow students to refine their posture and forms; and a wide range of equipment including a wooden dummy, pole dummy, rolling mats, shields, mitts, and stance-training platform allows for the training of many different disciplines. From the grand opening of its Brooklyn location in the summer of 2002, Moy Yee San Jong has been steadily growing to include students of all ages, backgrounds, and interests.