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Moy Yee San Jong est. 2003

With over sixty years of Kung Fu training, Grandmaster Moy Yee shares his teachings with the world. He has committed much of his life to the study of martial arts, exploring well-known systems as well as the pursuit of many lesser known styles.  Drawing from this deep, varied well of personal experience, Grandmaster Moy Yee spreads his wealth of knowledge at his school as well as through seminars, inspiring and challenging his students to new heights of personal development. Bringing not only authentic Kung Fu knowledge, he preserves and maintains the Chinese martial tradition, which is taught and promoted at his school.  And though he has spent many years training and honing his Kung Fu, he continues his practice, deepening his understanding and continuing his personal advancement providing new insight and inspiration to future generations of students.

Moy Yee San Jong Sifus

Sifu Jerry Liau (易揚), disciple of Grandmaster Henry Moy Yee (梅易), is a senior instructor, choreographer, and the Beijing branch founder of Moy Yee San Jong (梅易山莊). With disciples from New York and China he continues to pass down the traditions and knowledge of Ving Tsun as well as the other arts in Moy Yee Kung Fu. Jerry has had many achievements in his film career due to the training under this Ving Tsun lineage. Since 2008, Jerry has worked alongside Jackie Chan and many other legendary martial art stars from Hong Kong cinema. Today, he is not only a teacher but also a working actor and stunt coordinator in Asia.

Sifu Belinda Tsui (易沖), disciple of Grandmaster Henry Moy Yee, is a senior instructor, and has been teaching at the Moy Yee San Jong headquarters for disciple classes for almost 20 years. She takes students privately in Long Island New York.

Sifu Brian Ming Hugh (易恆) has been with Grandmaster Henry Moy Yee for over 15 years. Under Grandmaster Moy Yee’s guidance, he has learned a lot about martial arts and kung fu life. Brian has worked many years in different industries,  including Project Management, IT Consulting, Property Management, and Accounting, but being a Martial Artist learning from Grandmaster Moy Yee has been the most rewarding experience for him.  Brian wants to thank Grandmaster Moy Yee for his support and encouragement to start his own school so that the knowledge can be passed down to future generations. He is taking students in the Bronx area. 

Sifu Yik Pun Law (易明) has been studying Kungfu with Grandmaster Henry Moy Yee for 17 years. He is a senior instructor at Moy Yee San Jong, teaching the Biu Jee class. He is a software developing manager of a marketing research company. He graduated from Rutgers University with an Electrical Engineering Degree. He is originally from Hong Kong and came to the US to study at the age of 17.

Sifu Valencio Campbell (易金) has dedicated his life to health, healing, and the disciplines of martial arts, mastering both the internal (Qi) and external regimens. As a senior disciple of Grandmaster Henry Moy Yee, Val honed his skills in both Tai Chi and Ving Tsun, and has disciples in New York that he has trained to be proficient in both systems. Val is also a successful entrepreneur in wellness and fitness for over thirty years. He has been a mentor to personal trainers and is a therapist in physical ailments and massage, with a cadre of loyal clients who have been treated back to full functionality from serious ailments such as cancer, strokes, major fractures, and other debilitating maladies. He has instructed law enforcement personnel in defense and awareness techniques and has a vast following of students that benefit from his experience and martial knowledge. Val continues to be a strong example in his work ethic, integrity, and martial spirit. He currently teaches Kung Fu students in Long Island New York.

Sifu David Park (易柏)  has studied Ving Tsun and TaiJi under Grandmaster Henry Moy Yee since 2000. In 2003, he became Grandmaster Moy's disciple, at which point Chinese weaponry, Shaolin Fist, Chen TaiJi, and ultimately the Kung Fu life became part of the curriculum. He became a Senior Instructor at Grandmaster Moy's school and at the Moy Yee Kung Fu Club at Columbia University. David served as a judge during the Moy Yee San Jong promotion tests as well as the Siu Lim Tau competition. He has assisted Grandmaster Moy during seminars in Brooklyn College and St. Joseph's College. David graduated from Hunter College with a degree in English. He has been certified as a personal trainer under the National Academy of Sports Medicine with specialty certifications in ViPR, Progressive Bodyweight Training and Functional Movement Screening. He currently works as a trainer implementing TaiJi, kickboxing and Ving Tsun along with strength training to achieve client goals.

Sifu Russell Anthony Barbara (易強) was born on October 24th, 1972 in Hackensack, New Jersey. He became interested in Chinese martial arts as a child, and studied Tian Shan Pai (Heavenly Mountain System) in the early to mid nineties in Washington, DC. After nearly a decade away from martial arts training, Russell and his friend Karim happened to have a conversation about Chinese kung fu one day at work. This discussion led to a trip to Moy Yee San Jong and a meeting with Grandmaster Henry Moy Yee. He has been under Grandmaster Moy for twelve years and since then has received a degree in Chinese massage from Pacific College of Oriental Medicine in New York City. He and his wife, Angela, who is also a disciple of Grandmaster Moy Yee, were married in 2012.

Sifu Brendan Enright (易超), disciple of Grandmaster Henry Moy Yee (梅易), is a senior instructor and frequent performer in Moy Yee San Jong school demonstrations.  At Moy Yee San Jong, he plays an integral role leading Ving Tsun, Tai Chi, and weapons classes as well as co-developing the curriculum for the Moy Yee San Jong children’s program.  Brendan graduated from Washington University in St. Louis focusing on Anthropology and Political Science, but now works with metal as a welder/ fabricator. Drawing upon this experience, he works with Grandmaster Moy to design and create custom training equipment.  

Sifu Lushi Li (易珍) is an indoor disciple of Grandmaster Henry Moy Yee (梅易) and a senior instructor at Moy Yee San Jong (梅易山莊). Since embarking on the kungfu life in 2010, she has been studying Vingtsun, Taichi, and other forms of kungfu under Grandmaster Moy’s tutelage. She taught at the Columbia University Moy Yee Kung Fu club and currently serves as one of the chief instructors at the MYSJ Brooklyn headquarters. In addition to training and teaching, she assists Grandmaster Moy in the management of Moy Yee San Jong. She is the executive producer of Grandmaster Moy’s 70th birthday celebration. Lushi received a BA in Social Studies from Harvard College. She is a self-taught software engineer and currently works in data engineering at a global e-commerce company. She teaches Kung Fu classes currently in the Navy yard of Brooklyn and the Park Slope area in NYC.


1. 勁寒 Asa Moy

5. 易耀 Mark Iong

9. 易沖 Belinda Tsui

13. 易梅 Angie Yi

17. 易雲 Ivan Laguerre

21. 易勝 James Chang

25. 易年 Peter Lin

29. 易平 Michael Fleming

33. 易健 Kin Chiang

37. 易堅 Garnett Dixon

41. 易鵬 Kenny Vuong

45. 易強 Russell Barbara

49. 易善 Beth Ann Leatherman

53. 易芝 Angela Zhai

57. 易先 Santiago Gomez

61. 易超 Brendan Enright 

65. 易方 Wesley Chong

69. 易宏 Carmine Carannante

73. 易敏 Jin Jin Huang

77. 易禾 Teddy Mui

81. 易婷 Chen Zheng

85. 易群 Vanessa Brown

89. 易朝 Robert Ostrom

2. 易龍 David Chan

6. 易峰 Huong Ngo

10. 易威 Ken Jong

14. 易雪 Debbie Yi

18. 易明 Yik Pun Law

22. 易海 Eric Yu

26. 易柏 David Park

30. 易山 George Cruz

34. 易素 Siu Fung Chan

38. 易佳 Gordon Thompson

42. 易聰 Kevin Vuong

46. 易文 Desmond Barzey

50. 易安 Alexander Avgerakis 54. 易功 Antonio Hart

58. 易昇 Jack Yuan

62. 易能 Adam Shackelford

66. 易英 Nicole Duquette

70. 易心 Jenny R. McLaughlin

74. 易琳 Linh Macie Luong

78. 易家 Lawrence Wong

82. 易寬 Kenny Ly

86. 易旺 Adam Mazer

90. 易池 Slade Guillory

3. 易虎 Robert Vaughan

7. 易武 Paul Balwan

11. 易恆 Brian Hugh

15. 易得 Peter Vavoulidis

19. 易金 Valencio Campbell

23. 易正 Nicholas Moy

27. 易玲 Elena Serghie

31. 易光 Meang Kan Kong

35. 易志 Reggie Robinson

39. 易進 Matthew Phan

43. 易通 Randy Gitli

47. 易才 Andrew Choi

51. 易卓 Michael Nixon

55. 易全 Aurelio Morales

59. 易樂 Richard Gomez

63. 易剛 John Salvato

67. 易水 Stephane Levy

71. 易朗 Michael Topol

75. 易大 Kheedim Oh

79. 易永 Steven Shih-Ning Chou

83. 易晶 Annukka Lilja

87. 易富 Barney Hui

4. 易豹 Charlie Savasatit

8. 易揚 Jerry Liau

12. 易倫 Aaron Yi

16. 易彪 Matt Huang

20. 易松 Kenny Chiu

24. 易丹 Dennis M Velez

28. 易成 John Lau

32. 易高 Alexander Yao

36. 易杰 Jimmy Pang

40. 易生 Sam Zhang

44. 易達Todd DeVito

48. 易艺 Karim Bendahmane

52. 易君 Angela Marsh

56. 易良 Matthew Rosenquist

60. 易忠 Andy Thai

64. 易信 Medwin Pang

68. 易珍 Lushi Li

72. 易庭 Chris Chaszczynski

76. 易奎 Brian A. Petronchak

80. 易利 Adrian Smith

84. 易暉 Mo Yvonne 

88. 易欣 Rita Gelber

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