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Jiu Pai 招牌

Jiu Pai, literally translated as shop sign, represents the history and branding of the store front. When it comes to a Kung Fu school, it is no different. The name on the plaque represents all its teachings at the school. After years of hard work showing expertise in all the teachings of the school, a disciple will request permission from the Sifu to teach outside of the school under the school’s name. If the permission is granted, the Sifu will give a Jiu Pai for the disciple to proudly display in his/her place of teaching.

Congratulations to Sifu Beth Leatherman Yee Seen 易善 and Sifu Alexander Avergakis Yee Ngawn 易安who received their Jiu Pai. For those who are interested in learning kung fu under the Moy Yee lineage, the following 2 locations are now available. Please check our locations page for more details.

Sifu Beth Leatherman Yee Seen 易善

176 Mountain Ave, 2nd Floor

Hackettstown, New Jersey 07840

Sifu Alexander Avergakis Yee Ngawn 易安

Balboa Park

San Diego, California 92101

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