Senior Instructor

Brendan Enright (易超), disciple of Grandmaster Henry Moy Yee (梅易), is a senior instructor and frequent performer in Moy Yee San Jong school demonstrations.  At Moy Yee San Jong, he plays an integral role leading Ving Tsun, Tai Chi, and weapons classes as well as co-developing the curriculum for the Moy Yee San Jong children’s program.  Brendan graduated from Washington University in St. Louis focusing on Anthropology and Political Science, but now works with metal as a welder/ fabricator. With this experience, he works with Grandmaster Moy to design and create custom training equipment.

Senior Instructor

 Branden Enright


Senior Instructor

Lushi Li Yee Jan

Senior Instructor

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Senior Instructor


I have been under the tutelage of Grandmaster Sifu Henry Moy since 2010.  I started my martial arts journey in 1992 and studied various martial arts over the years. Prior to joining my kung fu family at Moy Yee San Jong, karate has been my primary art.  Now I enjoy teaching taichi at Moy Yee San Jong and helping my sidais and simuis as they learn their weapon forms from Grandmaster Sifu Henry Moy.

Jin Jin

Senior Instructor

Sifu Lushi Li (Yee Jan 易珍) is an indoor disciple of Grandmaster Henry Moy Yee and one of the principal instructors at Moy Yee San Jong. After receiving her BA from Harvard and moving to New York City, she found Grandmaster Henry Moy Yee and embarked on the kungfu life in 2010. She has studied Vingtsun, Taichi, and other forms of kungfu under Grandmaster Moy’s tutelage. In addition to training and teaching, she assists in the management of Moy Yee San Jong.

I have been studying Kung Fu under Sifu henry Moy since 2000. I have completed the  Siu Nim Tau (“Little Idea”), Chum Kiu (“Searching Bridge”), and Biu Ji (“Shooting Fingers”), as well as the Wooden dummy and the six and half point pole form in my Ving Tsun study. Also, I completed various form of Tai chi, i.e the Chen 56 and Yeung 24 . I have been the senior instructor since  2008. I have over 10 years of experience in teaching Kung fu at mysj and Columbia University. My main focus Of study is vingtsung and Chen's Tai chi.

I  started learning Kung  Fu in 1985. After bouncing around different Kung Fu schools for a few years, I met Grandmaster Moy Yee in 1999. I have been with him ever since. I am at the school every day to oversee all classes. I am very fortunate to have Sifu in my life for so many years.


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