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  • Do I have to meet Grandmaster Moy Yee before joining the school?
    Yes, Grandmaster Moy Yee has a very private kung fu school and is selective on who he teaches. You must sit down with him before joining and attending a class.
  • What is the tuition cost for the school?
    All tuition cost is to be discussed with Grandmaster Moy Yee when you meet him in person.
  • Is there a trial class I can attend?
    Though popular among other martial arts schools, there are no trial classes offered in Moy Yee San Jong headquarters. Grandmaster Moy Yee does not allow anyone to take class who does not join the school and have paid tuition.
  • How do I make an appointment?
    You may call the school at 718-624-1926 to schedule an appointment during class hours Mon-Thurs 630pm-930pm or Saturday at 11am-630pm. Or you can contact us via the website to scedule.
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