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開拳師傅 (Form Introductory Instructor)*

Updated: Sep 29, 2021

Traditionally, the sifu or master would introduce a student on a new form with the first few movements before letting senior disciples continue the training of the junior students. However, at times, the sifu may entrust one of his senior disciples as 開拳師傅 “Hoi Kuen Sifu” or Form Introductory Instructor, to perform the task of initiating the teachings of a new form. This is a tradition initiated by Grandmaster Yip Man (葉問). Grandmaster Yip Man reasoned that a good sifu should be able to have disciples, who can represent the sifu’s kung fu without needing the sifu to always personally demonstrate his own kung fu. This is also proof that the sifu is successful in spreading and passing down his kung fu knowledge.

Ivan Laguerre 易雲 (Yee Wan) is a long-standing Form Introductory Instructor at Moy Yee San Jong.

*Please note that Chinese character fu () in Form Introductory Instructor is different that that Chinese character fu () in the kung fu master 師父, where the former means instructor and the latter, teaching father.

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