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A Meeting of the Minds and Hands in Blackwood, New Jersey

Updated: May 29, 2022

Ving Tsun Grandmasters Henry Moy Yee and Pete Pajil (Moy Bak Hugh), both senior disciples of the late Grandmaster Moy Yat, brought their schools together for an exchange of ideas and skills. They also welcomed their kung fu brother, Grandmaster Tony Watts (Moy Wu) to the gathering.

In the kung fu family tradition, the meeting of the schools honored the memory and teachings of Sigong Grandmaster Moy Yat. Grandmaster Henry Moy Yee discussed the importance of loyalty in the traditional kung fu school, and how loyalty is symbolized by the statue of General Kwan. Fundamental teachings of the Ving Tsun system, including strategies of time, distance, position, and energy, were discussed by Grandmaster Pete Pajil. Grandmaster Tony Watts (Moy Wu) shared his experiences of how he was able to apply the self- defense techniques of Ving Tsun in his tenure as an Army Ranger.

Students of all three schools exchanged ideas and benefited through training chi sao, gerk jong and san sau drills together. This memorable kung fu family reunion was a testament to the enduring legacy of Grandmaster Moy Yat, and the tradition of loyalty in the kung fu life.

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