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Bai Si 拜師

Bai Si is a formal traditional ceremony whereby a sifu accepts a student to become a disciple. Bai Si literally translates into bow to the teacher. It is a dual commitment between the sifu and the student. The sifu will take on the student as a family member and nurture as they would their own offspring. The student pledges loyalty to the sifu and commitment to carry on the teachings of the sifu.

In the beginning of the bai si process, the student prepares a Bai Si Teep (拜師帖), an announcement to the attendees of the ceremony on the student’s background, kung fu journey and what led them to take the next step in this commitment to the kung fu life. In the ceremony, the student would offer a cup of tea and red envelope offering to the sifu and his wife, the simo. The sifu and simo would drink the teas and accept the offerings to signify the acceptance of the student into the family. In return, the sifu and simo presents a personalized gift to the disciple and a kung fu name is given to the new disciple.

Congratulations to 易慧 (Yee Wai), the newest addition to the Moy Yee Kung Fu Family.

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