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Si-Tai Helen Moy's Dinner Banquet & Gathering of Moy Yat lineage school at Moy Yee Kung Fu

On the weekend of December 3-4, 2022, Members from all Moy Yat lineage schools gather in New York City to attend Si Tai Helen Moy's birthday banquet. The night before the banquet, Moy Yee Kung Fu School was honored to have visitors also stop by our school and train together with us.

List of visitors include but not limited to:

Grandmaster Julia cordero (Moy Yee Hop)

Grandmaster Anthony Dandridge (Moy Tung)

Grandmaster Samuel Harris (Ming Sam)

Sifu Wayne Belonoha

Sifu James Hindman

Sifu Kyle Ritter

Sifu Ted Ritter

Sifu Aaron Vyvial (Moy Sup Tung)

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