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The Finger Points to the Moon, One Leaf Knows Spring

Updated: Jan 1, 2023

——Using Wing Chun as an entrance to a system of knowledge

以手指月 一叶知春


By Woody Wu (扬平) 作者:吴琦(扬平)

Since April 7th, Baidu's Haokan Shipin (百度好看视频) has launched a short video program called “What You Don't Know about Wing Chun.” With a stimulating audio and visual format, the three episodes aired so far have given many viewers a glimpse of the mystery of Wing Chun. Follow Sifu Jerry Liau (易揚), the fourth-generation descendant of the Wing Chun master Ip Man, to learn and uncover the treasured knowledge of Wing Chun.


This is an impetuous era full of excitement and angst, and individuals can often be lost in the deafening jungle of images and sounds. The show, in a plain and simple style, dives into the key fundamental questions of how this effective martial arts system has developed and survived throughout the years. Sifu Jerry Liau, who has a global educational and traditional martial arts background, provides a detailed portrayal of the legacy behind Wing Chun.


Compared with other ancient martial arts such as Tai Chi, Wing Chun has a relatively short history from its birth to current stage, but because of its late origin, it has learned and absorbed the knowledge of other styles. The Wing Chun system, based on a “centerline theory”, focuses on clear movements such as knowing when to strike, stay close, and move straight into the opponent. Through this practical system, we enter the vast realm of knowledge about the physical body, its wisdom and discipline.


Many have heard the saying, "martial arts is life”, and life is about eternal and constant flow with no fixed targets. With just five minutes each episode, Sifu Jerry Liau opens the door to this life, revealing what the Chinese calls “finger pointing to the bright moon.” That is, the finger can point out the location of the moon, but the finger is not the moon; it only gives us an opportunity to understand the true meaning of life and all things.


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