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What's in a Name?

During the Bai Si Ceremony, the disciple is given a kung fu name by the Sifu. The Sifu decided on the kung fu name based on the attributes and aspiration of the disciple. Within a kung fu family, the name also indicates who the sifu is.

All disciples of Grandmaster Henry Moy Yee are given a name that starts with Yee 易 followed by the name that was chosen for them. If the disciple has a disciple, then the disciple will give a name to the grand-disciple that starts with the name given to his/her sifu by the grandmaster. For example, Sifu Jerry Liau Yee Yeung's (易揚) disciples all have names that begin with Yeung (揚). Within the kung fu family, it will be easy to recognize that those disciples' sifu is Sifu Jerry Liau Yee Yeung.

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